Welcome to! is a blog about stories that are important to women, built on a strong foundation of data.

As a machine learning engineer and nerd, I’m fascinated by the power and ability of data to tell stories! As a woman, I find some of these stories are not told as often on the internet, and yet are so important for women and men to hear.

So, I created as a place to use data to tell stories that speak to women – important stories about women’s health, the safety of women around the world, reproductive rights, sexuality; and fun stories about shoes and clothes and makeup.

Wherever possible, I share original data and code and invite YOU the reader to explore the data on your own, find your own insights and tell your own stories!

Why .sh? An .sh file is a shell script which sets up the environment, runs the program, and does any necessary cleanup, logging, etc. As a nerd I think this is the perfect metaphor for this blog! aspires to set you up with the knowledge, and resources about the various stories that women around the world are living, and empower you to take action on them!

I would love to hear your questions and suggestions for problems/datasets you’d like me to explore! You can message me on Twitter.

Got questions, suggestions or want to contribute? Send me a message!

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